Organisational transformation Singapore

Setting and achieving stretch goals are the norm today. With people, the impossible can be possible. Even more enduring, people become the glue that thrives in good and tough times.

We believe that agility and resilience can be cultivated when people trust each other. And in a fast paced environment, credibility must be earned during the course in interaction as that will determine the end state.

Why did we succeed?

FIREFLY is our consultative customer engagement framework which provides a platform for creating a thriving and agile organization. Conversations precede everything in building high performance, high trust relationships

Customer engagement framework

Know that connecting to others require you to know how others see you and how you view others. In a nutshell, there are diverse personality types and knowing that we are different helps us to suspend judgment and open our minds to understanding each other better. Be flexible.


Avoid sending the wrong signals. Set the impression you want to create and work on that when connecting with others. Check in on your verbal and non-verbal signals and be intentional with the messages you’re sending. It’s all about conscious effort.


Rapport building goes beyond the mere small talk. Seek out small talk in a big way because it’s all about break the ice and finding common ground. Make sure that you listen well so that bridges are built. Never skip this step.


The more you ask, the more you know and that’s where deep listening happens. Pace and never assume because everyone carries their own perception lens. What you think and feel may be different from theirs. So seek to understand first.


Persuasive talk isn’t just a savvy speech but influencing without force is about framing ideas that is appealing to all parties. It’s not what is how, but how it’s said. Connect to their world, their emotion and logic.


All good conversations begin with a disagreement somehow, somewhere. Accepting that steering disagreements and objections are pathways to deeper awareness of the unsaid. But left unmanaged, conflicts can lead to premature failure. So tread with care.


The road to a good outcome requires a healthy dose of bargaining before settlement. So negotiating becomes to oxygen to create options for commitment. Avoid arm twisting others and be assertive to find a mutually beneficial solution for all.

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