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Michelle Ong


Michelle Ong

Client Engagement, Marketing Communications, Leadership & Inter-personal Skills Development, Team Motivation & Talent Development


Michelle Ong, with over 15 years of regional experience in advertising and marketing communications,, is committed and highly passionate about supporting teams and helping individuals grow, develop and succeed in their careers.

Her experience covers Fortune 500 global brands in the telecommunications, aviation, mobile technology, financial, computing technology, learning and education industries, and government agencies. She spearheaded business development initiatives, multiple marketing communications strategies and numerous pitches were won under her leadership. She was also responsible for creating strategic and marketing plans to create and enhance brand awareness. In her management roles, which involved the development of talent within organisations and successful team management, Michelle led empowered teams in strategic and creative development for several global brands as well as dfeveloping strategic action plans for customer management and brand expansion. She was also responsible for identification of talent needs, career development as well as facilitating and conducting in-house training programs for the worldwide affiliate and subsidiary groups.

As a facilitator, Michelle specializes in delivering high-quality skills development, management and leadership programs for junior to senior management. Michelle brings an initutive, integrative approach to the engagement that raises awareness among stakeholders and motivates positive change. Michelle has trained organisations in a variety of industries ranging from banking, technology, FMCGs, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, oil & gas to government agencies and learning institutions. With her contagious energy and articulate charisma, she continues to receive outstanding compliments for her delivery style and clarity.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, as well as a Diploma in e-marketing from the University of British Columbia. She is a DISC Certified Human Behaviour Consultant from the Management Centre of Asia.