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Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®)

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) is a powerful and practical tool that has proved effective in building strong relationships worldwide for more than 30 years.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) is a powerful and effective tool for understanding and influencing the motives that drive behaviours. The SDI plays off people’s basic need to better understand themselves and others, and that understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict.

Employees with different work styles and conflict can lead to reduced efficiency, ineffective teamwork, increased employee absence, attrition of good people and customers. The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) was developed with the understanding that the quality of an organization is impacted by the effectiveness of its relationships. People can work together more effectively when they better understand themselves and co-workers and feel more in control of their own behaviour choices, both when things are going well and during conflict.

The SDI is ideal for any established or new team situation: Work teams, project teams, management teams, virtual teams etc.

You understand the reasons WHY people do things they do.

The SDI goes beyond behaviour to identify the motivation behind behaviour — answering  “why” individuals act the way they do. Plus, by measuring motivation and conflict, the SDI is actually two assessments in one. As an invaluable self-discovery tool, participants gain insight into—and control over—the strengths they already have.


Exclusive graphical scoring for individuals and groups allows participants to see their own results as well the dynamics of their entire team in a highly memorable format.