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Sales Prospecting

Prospecting is a basic requirement in any form of sales function. From finding leads to researching and pitching them, sales prospecting is the place where all business revenue begins. The better you do it, the more success you’ll find and the more your revenue will thrive. There are plenty of products and services on the market to help you, from lead generation services to appointment setting firms. But technology can only get you so far; what you really need are the tools to help you engage with the customer to find the right information, so you don’t waste with wrong leads but instead spend more time preparing to make the best pitch for the right ones. After all, it’s not the quality of the product that seals the deal – it’s the quality of the interaction between the sales person and the customer.stock-photo-conceptual-d-render-image-with-depth-of-field-blur-effect-compass-with-the-needle-pointing-the-158411336

We use our proprietary FIREFLY© model to teach the foundation of inter-personal sales prospecting engagement. The model provides a structure to an intuitive approach beginning with one’s self awareness and recognizing the landscape of the customer relationship before using the appropriate techniques to connect with the customer.

FIREFLY© is a framework that is designed to create a consultative engagement approach to inter-personal communication – be it for internal or external communications. It is a simple framework that demonstrates the importance of being measured and intentional to build trust and credibility.

The inter-personal communications module has been used for not-for-profit, commercial, consumer and organizations who seek to improve the way people relate to each other. The contents will cover the following tracks:

  • Flex to nuance the personality of the other party
  • Impress to create and control the image you want to project
  • Rapport building to break the ice and earn the right to proceed
  • Engage to understand the views and perspectives of others
  • Flow to create relevancy and context in your opinions and ideas
  • Leverage differences of opinions to find common ground
  • Yield to a win-win with an intentional approach to conclude discussions