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Sales Negotiation

Negotiation engagement – a departure from a tactical ‘trick in the bag’ approach to negotiation but instead an emphasis on the preparation the dialogue. Negotiation and Sales Negotiationtrust goes hand in hand – a mutual understanding is needed to create a win-win outcome. As the degree of sophistication improves for all negotiation, be it a client, vendor or partner, it is imperative to work towards a principled approach to negotiation instead of the old style of ‘positions’. Negotiators need to be well versed on how to check their assumptions, know their options and probe effectively to gather the desired information knowledge and create a common ground mutual gain for both sides.

Whether managing high-stakes deals, settling major disputes, or navigating challenging negotiations, you need more than persuasive tactics to achieve the best outcomes. In this results-driven program, you’ll learn how to bring together the right players, tackle the right issues, develop the right process for each type of deal, and master negotiation techniques that yield maximum value.

Sales Negotiation Masterclass

This series has been effectively used for commercial sales, consumer sales and even online or telephone sales negotiation. The modules are designed in several phases:

Essential Sales Negotiations:

This session covers the key elements to be effective in conducting a conversation that requires you to gather information, exchange knowledge and bargain towards a resolution. Useful as a baseline to know what and how negotiation works in a sales context. Useful for sales professionals with 2-3 years of experience

Effective Sales Negotiations:

This session focuses on the finer areas of gathering information, exchanging relevant knowledge and creating a sales negotiation plan to engage and yet stay flexible in your course of relating and persuading. Useful for sales professional with more than 4-5 years’ sales experience

Intermediate Sales Negotiations:

This session focuses on the common challenges and mistakes faced in sales negotiation which are easily overlooked as a blind spot. Learning how to anticipate and prepare for scare tactics will form a core part of this module. This is a good module for sales professionals who face aggressive and ‘bully-like’ behaviours with customers.

Advanced Sales Negotiations:

This session highlights the strategic shape of a negotiation conversation, guides your thinking and behaviour during the process to provide you with a clear roadmap. Avoid giving in too early or too late and prepare for ‘planned surprises’ to keep you calm despite the disruptive behavior of the other party.