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Key Account Management

Key Account Management (KAM) looks to develop long term relationship with strategic important customers who account for a significant volume of business and profit Key Account Managementand hence require special attention, effort, time and resources to grow and retain it. KAM is about managing customers who have a strategic influential role to play in the growth of an organization.

Your key account customer is looking for a business partner, someone who really understands their business and can add value to their business. Hence, establishing the essential relationships to make it work is thus one of the most important competitive advantages. It is all about engaging the customer to build a long term relationship and most importantly trust.

Keeping the client relationship healthy can be a challenge as the salesperson would often struggle to balance managing the daily issues with the goal to expand and increase the revenue portfolio of the client. In addition, clients too can become increasingly difficult over time as they become more familiar with the nuances of the vendor and its operations. So simply managing each client as the opportunity or issue arises can be risky business.

Hence, Sales professionals need to understand the finer points in managing client relationship better in order to ensure that clients are well managed for today deal and tomorrow’s potential.

We have designed 3 advanced modules to help seasoned sales professional to sharpen their saw to take the lead – build, nurture and grow the channel relationship.

Optimizing Your Key Account Management

Using the framework to organize your accounts using the Pareto Principle (80:20 rule) when organizing your customer portfolio. Designed to provide a thinking framework, it gives you a structure to collate, organize and view your accounts so that you can focus on deepening the understanding of your top accounts that are deemed as high potential growth opportunities for your company

Analyzing Channel Management

Shows you a systematic approach to extract data and translate them into information that will provide insights that help you analyze the patterns or trends of your current key relationships. And from these insights, extract potential proactive strategies to act to optimize your overall account portfolio with partners.

Developing Key Account Roadmaps

Working with the Relationship Map, we will walk you through five stages of a typical corporate relationship. Here we identify 9 key factors that will become core strategies for relationship building and detailing the steps to align your tactics as you move from a basic to transactional to collaborative relationship.