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Channel Management

Vendors that rely heavily on channel partners to sell products and services face a wide range of challenges when it comes to working with partners efficiently. In an April 2011 study, The Key Challenges to Channel Sales Effectiveness from the Aberdeen Group, four issues limiting channel success were identified:

  • Insufficient mindshare among partners
  • Insufficient sales/marketing abilities among partners
  • Too little top-line revenue yielded by partners
  • Limited sales pipeline visibility

Balancing the need to sell as many products and services as possible with the needs of each individual partner requires a delicate, diligent approach. For vendors with
hundreds or thousands of partners, channel management can be quite complex—especially when factoring in multiple products and multiple campaign programs that run simultaneously throughout the year.

We have designed 3 advanced modules to help seasoned sales professional to sharpen their saw to take the lead – build, nurture and grow the channel relationship.

Analyzing Channel Management

Channel Management
Shows you a systematic approach to extract data and translate them into information that will provide insights that help you analyze the patterns or trends of your current
key relationships. And from these insights, extract potential proactive strategies to act to optimize your overall account portfolio with partners.

Optimizing Your Channel Management

Using the framework to organize your accounts using the Pareto Principle (80:20 rule) when organizing your customer portfolio. Designed to provide a thinking framework, it gives you a structure to collate, organize and view your accounts so that you can focus on deepening the understanding of the distributors deemed as high potential growth opportunities for your company

Developing Key Channel Roadmaps

Working with the Relationship Map, we will walk you through five stages of a typical corporate relationship. Here we identify 9 key factors that will become core strategies for relationship building and detailing the steps to align your tactics as you move from a basic to transactional to collaborative relationship.