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The needs of customers have changed throughout the years. Technological advances have also empowered salespeople with more tools and data analytics that ever before, but still one important aspect of selling remains the same. The ability to connect with your customer with effective and impactful conversations remains the core foundation of a sales person’s success. We need to focus on the collective positive impact on a customer’s experience and merge the art and science of selling.

Regardless if the selling process is complex in a large project or a simple one, engaging your prospect to understand his needs, constraints and even latent aspirations not obviously apparent from the onset will have an incredible impact to the end goal of making that sale. All this comes from the investment of time and effort to earn the trust of your customer who will see you as a partner, and not someone just out to earn a commission.

Our programs on consultative sales training in Singapore centers on customer engagement. Sales engagement is not so much about the seller as it is about the customer. Actually, it’s all about the customer and how you can make his experience worth his while.
consultative sales training Singapore

Creating positive customer experience is vital. The reason for this is that the customer of today is equipped with the latest technological gadgets and up to date with social media. They can easily compare the prices and specs of different products which is why offering the lowest price isn’t enough.

The customer of today wants personalization. They want to derive value and meaning from your interactions so that they stand out from others. It is not about products or services. It’s about understanding their needs, their constraints, their aspirations. Being fully engaged with your customer will allow you to gain their trust to know that you are looking out for them, and in the process, provide access to answers to all these important questions. It is the basis to building a long standing and fruitful relationship with the client.

We use our FIREFLY framework to build a foundation of effective inter-personal engagement, whether you are reaching out to an internal or external stakeholder. Most times, it’s not what you say, but it’s how they are received. And using a structured yet intuitive approach helps to simplify the learning experience.

No matter what your industry is, engaging your customer in the proper context is always key to success. The following are some of our main programs for consultative selling training in Singapore that have been customized for our clients and found to be very effective and transforming in their approach.

Effective Customer Engagement:

From price to value relationship development.


Effective Key Account Engagement:

Engaging the decision making unit’s members.


Effective Prospect Engagement:

Communicating for developing steady prospecting opportunities in cold accounts.


Effective C-level Collaboration:

Engaging the C-suite with value they want.

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