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Rapport Building

Prospects buy from people they like. And for the most part, people like other people who are similar to themselves. When you meet someone who has similar tastes, you Rapport Buildingfeel comfortable with that person because you understand exactly why they like what they like – because you like the same things!

No one likes to buy from someone they don’t trust. The problem is that there really isn’t enough time to really get to know the salesperson. They have to do the best they can within a limited time frame before making a decision, perhaps delaying the process or even looking elsewhere. So it’s really that small window for one to create the right impression and establish a comfortable basis to engage the customer. And that’s where building rapport is so important in this aspect of sales.

Based on our engagement FIREFLY© framework, we have created a program that will teach the importance and key tools of breaking the ice with rapport that will cover the following areas:

  • What is the magic in rapport building?
  • Common misconceptions about what rapport is/is not
  • Creating conversations that go on and on
  • Two types of rapport techniques that addresses all types
  • Techniques to build rapport without getting tired
  • Why the other party will gradually open up to share?
  • Constructing a rapport strategy in strategic relationship development
  • Putting it together to identify your agenda