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Advanced Persuasive Presentation

Effective Presentation

In a recent survey of recruiters from companies, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Business School with more than 50,000 employees, results show that Presentationcommunication skills were cited as the single more important decisive factor in choosing managers for potential development or promotion.  The survey, points out that communication skills, written and oral presentations, as well as an ability to work with others, are the main factors contributing to job success. In spite of the increasing importance placed on communication skills, many individuals continue to struggle with this, unable to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively – whether in verbal or written format. This inability makes it nearly impossible for them to compete effectively in the workplace, and stands in the way of career progression.

Getting your message across is paramount to progressing. To do this, you must understand what your message is, what audience you are sending it to, and how it will be perceived. You must also weigh-in the circumstances surrounding your communications, such as situational and cultural context.

The objective of this program is to impart ‘street-smart’ effective communication skills to the participants to help them become better communicators and presenters. They are taught the critical components of communication skills and ‘groomed’ to become impressive presenters.

Our advanced business presentation module is based on the iteration approach where you will come ready with a live presentation and we’ll walk through a practical yet systematic approach to improve your design and delivery. What we will cover will include the following:

  • Presentation strategies that anchors their attention
  • Defining your presentation approach
  • Starting with an opener that hooks
  • Closing with a close that catches
  • Strengthening the flow of middle section
  • Controlling the audience with transitional lines
  • Handling interruptions and disruptions
  • Learning to improvise your delivery on the go