Organisational transformation Singapore


FIREFLY© is a framework that is designed to create a consultative engagement approach to inter-personal communication – be it for internal or external communications. It is a simple framework that demonstrates the importance of being measured and intentional to build trust and credibility.

The inter-personal communications module has been used for not-for-profit, commercial, consumer and organizations who seek to improve the way people relate to each other. The contents will cover the following tracks:

  • Flex to nuance the personality of the other party
  • Impress to create and control the image you want to project
  • Rapport building to break the ice and earn the right to proceed
  • Engage to understand the views and perspectives of others
  • Flow to create relevancy and context in your opinions and ideas
  • Leverage differences of opinions to find common ground
  • Yield to a win-win with an intentional approach to conclude discussions