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Professional Meeting Facilitation

A meeting without a facilitator is about as effective as a team trying to have a game without a referee. This applies even more to decision making processes, where a neutral facilitator handling the process is critical to success. Sometimes a resource person may take over the role as a facilitator, besides his other functions within the organisation. This “double hat” role between a facilitator and content expert may be demanding and might often confuse participants if it is not communicated well.

A facilitator helps participants to collaborate as they explore a topic or issue. The goal is to encourage participants to think productively and ultimately to articulate key ideas, to ask vital questions, to uncover variables, to find solutions, and/or to identify productive actions. The facilitator may or may not be a content expert but must understand how to draw out the best thinking of a group.

DD Consulting provides professional meeting facilitation services for high-level management discussions such as board meetings and strategic planning sessions. These services are conducted by highly competent process facilitators with a deep and diverse corporate industry experience. We help you focus on getting the best out of your sessions by allowing you to focus on the thinking while we navigate you through the process to get your objectives done.

We offer facilitation services for the following:

  • Board meetings
  • Management retreats
  • Strategic Planning
  • Annual Work Plan
  • Vision and mission crafting
  • Team Building


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