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Effective Negotiation

Effective business negotiation is a core leadership and management skill. This is the ability to negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts, including deal making, employment discussions, corporate team building, labour/management talks, contracts, handling disputes, employee compensation, business acquisitions, vendor pricing and sales, real estate leases, and the fulfilment of contract obligations.

Negotiating is a part of everyday life, but in business it’s absolutely critical to your success. Poor negotiation can cripple a company just as quickly as losing key customers. In addition, our interconnected world of business presents more complexities such as cultural sensitivity and language barriers that need to be taken into consideration in the negotiating process.

Hence preparation within a solid framework is key to successful negotiation. We use our proprietary model called L.O.U.D.E.S.T.© which features a framework to track the negotiation process and incorporates the HARVARD’s Negotiation Program of 7 Elements of Effective Negotiation into our delivery because we believe in principled negotiations.

Although a framework provides the structure to plan how we negotiate, the actual situation is always dynamic and that means that we always need to be thinking on our feet. Our emphasis on roleplays within our workshops provides the opportunity to practice with actual real case studies within a safe environment and provides the facilitative learning to review the simulations and reflect constructively.

Designed for both internal and external negotiation, we have a ready archive of case studies that you can use in the workshops or even add a scenario for a relevant example. If you’re looking for a negotiation programme that is principled and provide a structure and tools, we’ve done negotiation based on the different negotiation setting to create context and relevance such as:

Improving Your Competency in Uncertainty: Negotiation Skills at Work

Equip yourself with negotiating tools applicable to your context or designation, acquire proven negotiating techniques, and have the chance to practice with similar scenarios. Workplace centric, our various modules are called Negotiation At Work. Modules include:

  • Essential negotiations for everyday life: learning how to negotiate for a win-win outcome
  • Buyers and Procurement: How to leverage the optimal value in a vendor negotiation?
  • Sellers: how to defend your value proposition and avoid price cuts?
  • Effective communications: how to improve the outcomes when you’re in a conflict?
  • Leaders who negotiate: how to create possibilities when resources are limited?

Leaders: Become a More Effective Negotiator

Great leaders are great negotiators. By equipping you with practical negotiation strategies you need to excel at the bargaining table, it will help you:

  • Improve working relationships and resolve differences at work
  • Understand your consequences to gain a better understanding of your options
  • Evaluate your persona styles and to manage your strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize the most common manipulative tactics to neutralize their effects
  • Win, not by defeating the other side, but by winning them over

Leaders: Accelerate your Negotiations to advance your outcomes

We can also scale our negotiation programmes or coaching sessions to help advance your skills in the areas of improving your negotiation approach and strategy. Past workshops include:

  • How to create a regret-free negotiation plan?
  • How to negotiation ‘live’ without losing your focus and confidence?
  • How to negotiate with stronger counterparts when you have limited power?
  • How to preserver relationship in difficult situational negotiations?

And we’ve also got a customised track in customer service and sales professionals where the competency here emphasizes the need to be firm with the goal, yet flexible in the process to protect the customer relationship.  The workshop would comprise elements such as

Customer Service and Sales Negotiations: Tough on the goal, Gentle on the delivery

Suitable for business or consumer customers, face-to-face or phone conversations, this versatile workshop addresses the following:

  • Principles to protect the relationship in tough conversations
  • Creating a negotiation plan that addresses mutual needs
  • Preparing for deadlock and disagreement
  • Pivoting the conversation forward to find possibilities
  • Managing non-negotiations requests from the customers
  • Shaping the outcomes to minimize anger
  • Managing your own anger