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Building Effective Team Collaboration

Leaders foster collaboration and build spirited teams is easier said in a stable environment. But when we see uncertainty and volatility, leaders need to be conscious to actively involve others if they seek trust and responsiveness.

Leaders understand that mutual respect is what sustains extraordinary efforts beyond the great kick off session. Sustainability means leaders need the stamina is needed to create an atmosphere of ongoing trust that leverages differences and embraces strengths.

Team Collaboration is not a chance occurrence and leaders and we provide different intervention to support leaders in this competency such as:

Igniting the A-team from your current team today: Using the Emergenetics tools, we focus on identifying the preferences of your individual team members and review the group summary. From there, we leverage the strengths and draw on the differences. Knowing how to maximize what you have is always a good start for the team and the leader

Building effective teams that work: Using the Patrick Lencioni model, the 5 Dysfunctions of Teams, we show you how to identify the stage of your team development and develop strategies to address the key elements so that the foundation of trust is robust to handle the toughest relationship or work challenges

Thriving with conflicts in collaborative teams:  Using the Strength Deployment Inventory, we seek to identify the motivational values of the members as that drives the root of decisions in crisis. And here, leaders will understand how to distill the deadlocks in the group conflict and employ the appropriate strategies to maneuver and manage team differences and resolve conflicts