Organisational transformation Singapore

Group/Team Coaching

The Benefits of Group Coaching:

Group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others, i.e. the collective wisdom of the group. Under the masterful facilitation of a Coach, this peer learning is often as important as the individual interaction with the coach, giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights while creating a strong process framework for the coaching to emerge from.

Organisations ultimately will realize the benefit due to the scalable nature of the process, opening up communication between silos or group members in different parts of the organisation. Over time these relationships create a valuable network across an organisation. Group coaching can also be beneficial as a training follow-on, supporting learners with the transfer and application of their learning while creating an on-going accountability structure.

What group coaching could look like?

Group coaching can take many forms, given that it is driven and shaped by the various needs of different client groups. The group coaching conversation tends to have the feel “wide and broad” rather than the deep, deep dive of an individual coaching conversation.

There are many opportunities for such facilitated group learning such as:

  • Different regional work teams seeking to leverage new techniques in their respective fields
  • Cross functional teams working together seeking to improve efficiencies and effectiveness