Organisational transformation Singapore


Coaching is considered by many practitioners as the most effective tool in seeing real outcomes materialize from individuals and teams.  Our experiences have shown that traction in professional development can create a sustainable momentum in leadership skills, motivation, well-being and individual performance.

So how do we use coaching? It varies as it depends on the individual needs or the team’s goals but what’s common is we seek to enhance performance, support their goals and achieve real change. We want to build a coaching culture that’s authentic and supportive.

Some of the areas we cover:

Leaders as Coaches:

Our Leaders Coaching module is designed for leaders to develop coaching skills on the go. it’s a practical approach that’s intuitive and easy to follow.  It covers rapport, giving and receiving feedback, managing awkward moments and asking that difficult question.


Coaching Supervisors in Team Development

With this option, a coach can improve the quality of their supervision skills with a coach in the background.  Coaches help leaders to maintain perspective during their daily operational or high stress moments.


Executive coaching

We have a group experienced coaches from which we can deploy for the various key members of your leadership team or high potential employees to help them step up and prepare for the new roles and challenges ahead. Using the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centric Coaching model, we guarantee outcomes or it’s a money back guarantee. That’s how good we believe our programme is.


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