Organisational transformation Singapore

Training Manager,
Volvo East Asia (Pte) Ltd, 2008

“Understanding specific concerns raised from the due diligence, her experience in conducting commercial negotiation workshops enabled her to address and faciliate issues that were important to both Volvo CE dealers. During the 2-day workshop, Regina was able to communicate complex ideas using a clear and systematic approach. She was able to understand the needs of the participants and create an engaging arena for applying techniques, sharing and learning from each other.

The participants have given very good feedback on the training, having founf it systematic and relevant to their day to day business. The consultant was ranked extremely well for her knowledge and delivery of the subject matter.

We recommend Regina to any organization looking to sharpen their negotiation competency through a customised business-context approach. Regina is very professional yet personable in her delivery. Her articulate delivery and affable personality helped transformed a seemingly dry and technical subject into a participative and positive learning experience for our Volvo participants.”