Organisational transformation Singapore

Senior Manager, Insights & Strategic Planning
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“Regina seeks to first understand the context of any given workshop by checking in on the objectives that the workshop is supposed to achieve. She also takes effort to have pre-workshop check ins with key participants to understand their perspectives in the subject matter.  This allows her to be able to effectively facilitate and steer the workshop content to achieve the stated objectives.

During workshops, she can quickly interpret what others are saying and help put them in a concise and coherent frame that helps to rationalize the discussion for the audience at large. She also adds value by introducing concepts and frameworks that helps to explain the situation that the group is facing at the moment.

On a personal level, Regina is energetic and vibrant and increases the energy in any room.  Her wealth of personal experiences lends credence to her facilitation material, and she is able to give specific examples to bolster her points.  Having used many facilitators in the past, Regina is a rare breed who is able to command the attention of the room and yet provide robust material at the same time.

I would highly recommend Regina to facilitate your workshop.”