“The quality of the delivery was interactive and the de-briefing by the consultant demonstrated her immense experience in the area of retail operations. Her techniques for handling demanding customers and unreasonable requests were also practical and usable. This is one of the better workshops that we have seen.

In summary, we would like to recommend DDC for organizations in the retail industry as the quality of the delivery, participant’s learning and content are uniquely catered to the retail context. We have had a positive experience with DD Consulting and believe that we will not hesitate to recommend DDC for the above program.”

C.K. Tang Limited

“We received tremendously positive feedback from our HR team and one eminent aspect was the application of the tool in our daily course of work. The lead consultant was able to create an interactive session that began with one’s understanding but ended with one’s actionable ideas. Offering a coaching session after the workshop was a useful element as it provided a follow-up for interested participants.

In summary, we were delighted with the professionalism of DD Consulting and the personalized customization of the effort put in to ensure that every participant benefitted. We would strongly recommend DDC if your organization has a need for your learning and development capabilities.”

C.K. Tang Limited

“Regina’s execution of the programmes was professionally done. She connected well with groups of participants and was able to win their confidence in a short time. Regina’s approach to training is practical and incorporated many opportunities for interactive hands-on approach- this helped the participants to comprehend the practical applications of what was being taught. She presented numerous tools and techniques for the participants taking into account the challenges faced in the dynamic and turbulent industry that Tien Wah Press operates in.

Regina’s experience in sales and customer service came through in her training sessions and approach to customizing the training programmes. This was useful in challenging the trainees to look beyond the world of printing into a wider world of possibilities and business approaches outside the industry.”

Senior Human Resource Manager,
Tien Wah Press (Pte) Limited

“I had a very positive experience throughout the session. Regina is a friendly but firm coach. She motivates her participants with positive encouragement and supplemented her teachings with real examples. She guided us through the recipe for a professional presentation delivery, from the do’s and don’ts, voice projection and modulation, posture as well as powerful opening and closing techniques.

It was amazing to see how we all improved at the end of the session. This was greatly facilitated by Regina’s ability to create a comfortable and safe environment for us. The session also contained a good mixture of theory and contextualized relevance.

I would recommend DD Consulting to organizations that seek to find trainers in the areas of advanced presentations given the results that we have seen ourselves.”

Business Manager,

“Understanding specific concerns raised from the due diligence, her experience in conducting commercial negotiation workshops enabled her to address and facilitate issues that were important to both Volvo CE dealers. During the 2-day workshop, Regina was able to communicate complex ideas using a clear and systematic approach. She was able to understand the needs of the participants and create an engaging arena for applying techniques, sharing and learning from each other.

The participants have given very good feedback on the training, having found it systematic and relevant to their day-to-day business. The consultant was ranked extremely well for her knowledge and delivery of the subject matter.

We recommend Regina to any organization looking to sharpen their negotiation competency through a customised business-context approach. Regina is very professional yet personable in her delivery. Her articulate delivery and affable personality helped transformed a seemingly dry and technical subject into a participative and positive learning experience for our Volvo participants.”

Training Manager,
Volvo East Asia (Pte) Ltd

“For the Singapore team, the content was well received because it was well customised during the due diligence preparation session to ensure that the tools and workshop was directly useful to the field team’s needs and challenges. The results from the completed sessions confirmed that the delivery was interactive and the content was relevant to our field team’s diverse background and needs.

For the ASEAN team, the cross-cultural mix was well handled as participants saw the immediate value to apply the knowledge in their different countries, whilst other feedback appreciated the application of the unique yet systematic approach. FIREFLY’s robustness to address the diverse nationalities and achieve balance with impact, created a positive reception. We believe that consultative engagement, when demonstrated, is the best proof of its application to the participants.”

Manager, Human Resources,

“Regina seeks to first understand the context of any given workshop by checking in on the objectives that the workshop is supposed to achieve. She also takes effort to have pre-workshop check ins with key participants to understand their perspectives in the subject matter.  This allows her to be able to effectively facilitate and steer the workshop content to achieve the stated objectives.

During workshops, she can quickly interpret what others are saying and help put them in a concise and coherent frame that helps to rationalize the discussion for the audience at large. She also adds value by introducing concepts and frameworks that helps to explain the situation that the group is facing at the moment.

On a personal level, Regina is energetic and vibrant and increases the energy in any room.  Her wealth of personal experiences lends credence to her facilitation material, and she is able to give specific examples to bolster her points.  Having used many facilitators in the past, Regina is a rare breed who is able to command the attention of the room and yet provide robust material at the same time.

I would highly recommend Regina to facilitate your workshop.”

Senior Manager, Insights & Strategic Planning
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“The interactive and engaging delivery of the negotiation workshops, conducted in two phases for different target audiences, was received with above average response. Feedback gathered from the participants included the highly participative, relevant tools and techniques all packaged in a realistic setting where the workplace is brought into the workshop.

Hence, we would recommend DD Consulting to any organization who seeks to partner with a negotiation expert who can contextualize, assimilate, and deliver the program based on the needs of the customer, not the methodology.”

Contracts Director,
Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd

“World Courier is very impressed with the professionalism as well as the high quality of the work Regina has contributed to our recent Asia Pacific Business Development workshop. From our evaluation feedback we received from our participants, it was evident that everyone has enjoyed the workshop conducted by Regina and most importantly, we find the information relevant and useful.”

Director, Business Development,
Asia Pacific,
World Courier Singapore Pte Ltd