“The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.”

Senior Manager,
Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, 2012

“DDC went the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of the program was well covered, for example, providing fresh ideas to enhance and improve the design throughout the planning process. Strategically, Ms. Regina Chua, the curriculum designer, was able to understand and distil our key outcomes into key messages for the workshop.

We strongly recommend DDC to any organization requiring learning and development solutios like teambuilding as we at Samsung Electronics are delighted with the highest standard of professional and qualityof deliveru provided. Most importantly, it was a good collaborative partnership that was backed by strategic thinking, creativity and speed of execution.”

Senior Human Resources Manager,
Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, 2013

“We were impressed with the systematic due diligence taken to undersand the participant’s needs and opinions as the adaptation into the content delivery was evident. The excellent feedback that we receieved from the participants demonstrated not only the consultant’s in depth knowledge about the topic but the practical aspect too. The context of the case studies used for practice negotiation also resonated with relevance to the workplace.

We would like to share our positive experience with DD Consulting and their world-class approach to developing context-based negotiationworkshop solutions for Siemens and certainly would highly recommend Regina Chua and her team for training and development solutions for clients who only expect the very best for their organization.”

Program Manager,
Siemens Limited Thailand, 2013

“I have had very strong positive feedback from everyone in my team.There were many positive take-aways from the training program, and I believe it will go a long way in helping my team in further strengthening our business.

The training program provided an easy to understand/follow/implement framework for the different stages of the negotiation process, and the role-play sessions were invaluable in highlighting to the team specific aspects of how to effectively and successfully handle the negotiation process for a successful close.”

Senior Vice President,
Siemens Healthcare, Singapore, 2010

“Using real situations, the role plays and games enabled us to practice and learn the tools and models taught. In addition, the training was interactive thus encouraging lots of discussions, useful role playing and self reflection.

I am pleased to add that my team was rearing to go as I could see that they felt more confident too. Regina is a dedicated and professional sales consultant whose vast coporate experience has helped to empathise with the practical realities of selling in a competitive market. Her suggestions were not theory-based but were instead down to earth and relevant fro the sales team to apply in their challenging sales solutions.

I would highly recommend Regina’s customised sales training approach to any organisation which desires to see immediate and effective results.”

Sales Director,
Singex Venues Pte Ltd, 2007

“Regina understands the complexity of the services offered in telecommunication industry and she is able to align with our business direction to be the one-stop shop for our customers- addressing their pre-sales needs to post-sales services. Her team was flexible in accomodating changes so as to reflect the changing trends in the consumer market- bundled lifestyle solution selling was later added in the training material. The advice-based training has boosted our staff’s slliming competency and confidence without sounding too pushy in recommending our product and services to our customers. Besides, we came 3rd in EXSA 2007, a national accolade that all retailers strives to achieve. We constantly measure our level of customer service rendering and I am proud to mention that the hello! shops increased the volume off compliments by 2 folds quarter on quarter over the financial year 07/08.

Singtel hello! has benefitted from the service rendered by Regina and we value this partnership. We will continue to harness this business relationship and together we will differentiate ourselves from competitiors. I strongly recommend Disciplind Dynamics to organization who seeks service excellence in their business.”

Senior Director,
Consumer Business,
SingTel, 2008

“Regina and her team have worked closely with SingTel in researching and reviewing on the relevancy of the training curriculum to ensure that the training stays updated and aligned to SingTel’s business objectives. Regina displays commitment and passion with the work she does; for instance, during the re-opening of our store, she spent time to stay on site the whole day to observe and provide immediate recommendations to the staff to handle the situation.

I strongly recommend Discipline Dynamics to organizations that require a committed team to train their people in delivering a high level of customer experience.”

Sales Planning & Customer Experience Management
Singtel, 2009

“We would recommend Regina to any organization looking for an experienced consultant. Regina had shown great professionalism in handling the course and quickly understanding our needs with a practical training framework and training methodology.”

Senior Manager,
SNP Excel (Hong Kong) Co Ltd

“Regina spent time understanding the products and solutions by engaging with key personnel within the organization. Her ability to understand complex solutions and their value from a customer perspective and her extensive experience in working with other companies in solution selling allowed her to come up with a comprehensive customized training module which took into consideration the solution, market and experience of the target audience.

I recommend Regina to any organization looking to solve sales, service or client related issures through a customized context-based training approach. Regina has a proven ability to cut through the clutter and identify key areas of development thus enabling clients to become profitable through building long term vlient relationships.”

Vice President
Satellite Networks group, iDirect Asia,
ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd, 2008

“We found the working experience a professional one where the consultant had a deep experience in the knowledge and delivery of the subject matter. And the customization to tailor to the priorities of our organization ensured that there was context and thus useful takeaways for our internal stakeholders.

We would recommend DD Consulting to companies given the quality of the service delivered and the expertise in the areas of Business-to-Business and field sales and marketing knowhow.”

Marketing Manager,
Sumitomo Drive Technologies, 2015