“The DDC team provided a systematic approach to collecting relevant information from the organization and soliciting feedback prior to the session. This advanced and comprehensive preparation led to the consultant’s ability to understand the market dynamics and needs of the attending participants.

We have worked with DD Consulting in other aspects of learning and development and would like to acknowledge their consistent ability to deliver the highest standards of service- in terms of customer management and program delivery- consistently. And we would recommend that organizations with the exacting requirement for training and development companies to be contextually relevant consider the professional services of DD Consulting Pte Ltd.”

Head of Asia iDA,
Gemalto, 2013

“It was once again a positive experience working with the DDC crew as their enthusiasm, coupled with their dedication and professionalism, placed them a cut above the others. Their ability  to manage the operations in Siem Reap, conceptualize, design and implement customized programs and work collaboratively with my team is also proof of their whole brain approach in action at DDC too!”

Managing Director, South Asia,
Informatica, 2013

“Having conducted several runs since 2010, we are delighted with the consistent stream of impressive feedback received from participating organizations who demand practical solutions for their highly competitive markets. Her facilitative ability to keep her delivery engaging and relevant has been lauded as a positive step to supporting the needs of the participants. In addition, her vast global market development experience coupled with her affable personality has benefitted our SME participants.”

Sales & Marketing Director,
Kaplan Professional, 2010

“Regina is clearly a lady with loads of experience as judged by the many conversations the team had with her, picking on her previous work assignments. She alos has an uncanny ability to keep the team focused throughout the day on the topic at hand.”

Vice-President Sales,
Kemin Industries (Asia) Pte Ltd, 2011

“The interactive and engaging delivery of the negotiation workshops conducted was received with excellent response. Feedback gathered from the participants included the highly participative, relevant tools and techniques all packaged in a realistic setting where the workplace is brought into the workshop.

We would recommend DD Consulting to any organization who seeks to partner with an engagement expert who can contextualize, assimilate and deliver the program based on the needs of the customer, not the methodology.”

Senior Manager,
M1 Shop Pte Ltd, 2012

“I recommend Regina to any organization that requires a highly experienced and professional consultant to manage a professional and seasoned sales team. Regina has demonstrated during the 2 days training program her ability to emphatize with the sales staff their concerns and through the training she was able to instill confidence in them to face customers.

Her ability to effortlessly use humor and business application for this advanced service engagement workshop will indeed enable our staff at MTU Asia to sustain our leadership positioning for the best in service and sales excellence for our key customers.”

Manager, Parts Sales,
MTU Asia Pte Ltd, 2008

“In summary, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with DD Consulting in a collaborative and professional manner.

We would strongly recommend any organization keen to develop a customer-centric approach to measure and audit your retails store performance.”

Operations Manager,
PMG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, 2010

“We believe that it was the excellent framework, content design and powerful facilitation that have resulted in an excellent review from members of our staff. Thus, we would highly recommend this course to any organization seeking to find a practical and hands-on approach to a technical subject like negotiation”

Learning & Development Manager,
PowerSeraya Ltd, 2010

“Purple Sage would strongly recommend her as she has proven to be effective, professional and dedicated. Her customized training materials have benefitted the team in the quality of her customer service, professional customer-centric selling and the sales reesults generated after the sales training and customised sales coaching.”

Managing Director,
Purple Sage Pte Ltd, 2004

“Regina Chua is a superb speaker and is definitely on top of the game in the sales and marketing arena. Her ideas and advice are practical and proven and will help you positively impact your sales and marketing strategies.”

Macom Executive,
Sage Software Asia Pte Ltd, 2008