“Being experienced with distributor management, Regina was able to consider our ideas and mandatory requirements to creatively translate these elements into a hands-on workshop for the reseller audience from the ASEAN region. We were glad that resellers from different countries found the one day workshop effectively in helping them marketing better with their limited resources.

Regina effortlessly managed the participants with her energetic pace and a systematic approach to achieving better marketing outcomes through planning and preparation. Her ability to integrate marketing principles with business relevance and context made marketing campaign planning easy for reseller to take-and-run with.”

Marketing Manager,

“They designed and deployed the appropriate strategic planning methods and tools based on our priorities and context. Leading up to the session, they worked closely with the leadership team to plan and organize a facilitation design that maximised ideation that resulted in conclusive actionable outcomes.

The facilitation process resulted in conducive yet energetic environment where participants were able to collaborate co-creatively.

We observed that the facilitators sustained a high level of interaction, positive energy and focus throughout the day. The feedback received from the attending leaders affirmed the experience and professionalism of the consultants.”

Deputy Chairman,
APM Property Management Pte Ltd

“Regina’s classes were well-researched, organized and  delivered. Her wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry that we are in proved invaluable in bringing across the learning points, adding-value to the sharing and enhancing her rapport with the participants”

Head of Human Resource Department,

“I personally found their consultancy approach of customizing the methods to our industry’s nuances to be a striking differentiation from other vendors.

The workshop delivery was also impressive and in-depth with feedback from DDC and fellow participants commenting about the high level of industry context and relevance to their application at work.

Specific to DDC’s methodologies, the FIREFLY framework in the consultative engagement program was simple yet easy to apply in the dialogue process and the AMDC workshop was loaded with templates and tools for account development. At the end of the project, I am pleased to add that we have found the tools and techniques relevant due to the customization and the tools provided.


Deputy Director,
Building and Construction Authority

“Despite it being only a two-day workshop, Regina was able to energise the entire team, espescially on the topic of Crisis Management which is a typically dry topic, by introducing a wide array of case studies and a well-designed simulation exercise that enabled all participants to immerse themselves in a role-playing crisis simulation. Her facilitative approach of managing healthy discussions and role-play simulations towards a desired outcome was effectively balanced with her keen sense of observation.

In addition, Regina’s ability to articulate, analyse and approach complex issues in simple languageenabled participants to not only learn and apply the tools to real-case simulation but also to quickly internalise the impact of the message strategy used in a media dialogue. Many also found her coaching sessions useful as she was attentive and took turns to guide the teams to ensure that their doubts or concerns were addressed.”

Chief Executive Officer,
The Brunei Economic Development Board

“Through their diagnostic intervention and need identification with various stakeholders, we were able to determine the needed competencies and define the toolkit and techniques to support our business outcomes. DDC focused on relevance to ensure the design framework & methods were tailored yet bespoke to provide solutions that had immediate application at work.

All workshops were done in close collaboration and consultation to tailor to our needs and priorities. Incorporating real scenarios, all designs were outcome-based from their FIREFLY Consultative Engagement to customizing our specialized tracks: Persuasive Presentations, Advanced Negotiation and Coach-the-coach sessions. In summary, participants shared that every session was relevant & directly applicable to their work”

Assistant Vice President,
CapitaLand, Singapore

“The customer service training is very insightful and comprehensive, Regina provided many realistic examples (filmed in our outlet). These examples provoked the thoughts of our staffs. They are given a chance to look from the customer’s perspective, to feel and to spot the little details that may spoil a customer’s experience. They get to find out more about the different aspects that lead to customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction in this interactive training. They get to question and clear their doubts on effective customer service.”

Beyond Beauty International Pte. Ltd.

“The course pulsated with positive energy where everyone learnt how to better leverage our strengths as a team. The course was a worthwhile and fulfilling experience and we would like to specially thank Regina for sharing her expertise and diplomatically facilitating the session.”

Associate Director,
Community Chest

“The customized 2-day workshop was highly beneficial to the team as it served to reveal the mindset and practices held by different individuals. In addition, the workshop reinforced a common vision for regional team members by creating alignment by defining the role of a consultant and the consultative skill sets essential to achieve this outcome.

More importantly, during the group discussions, all the diverse teams were able to apply the tools and techniques and further tailor and develop a structured and systematic approach to meet the practical and strategic needs of the department. Regina successfully facilitated a highly interactive session where participants were highly engaged and supplemented further learning through the experiences of other successful organizations.”

Vice President & Country Manager,
DBS Bank Ltd

“Regina has been able to synthesize pre-course inputs into a customised workshop that accurately addresses the learning needs of the participants. Her business experience especially brings a valuable dimension to her workshops.

I am particularly impressed with Regina’s work ethic and dedication. She spent a fair amount of effort seeking input from participants, their managers and HR in order to understand EDB’s business challenges and participants’ current skill level. She committed to ensuring that all participants achieved the workshop objectives, making additional time for those that needed more help.”

Assistant Head, Human Resources,
Singapore Economic Development Board