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Business Performance Coaching Creates Breakthrough into Education Market for Alpha Plus Training Consultants

Alpha Plus Training Consultants, a revolutionary in entrepreneurship & innovation programs, engaged a new sales proposition to reach their target market that transformed them from being a traditional product distributor to a strategic training solutions partner with the academia.

Alpha Plus Training Consultants are committed to cultivating the enterprising spirit in every individual in the global marketplace. They carved a niche for themselves in providing innovation & entrepreneurship consulting & training solutions.

Their core competence is in intellectual property development. MOLI® – their proprietary framework – serves as a blueprint for personal and professional success. This framework inculcates the enterprising mindset and equips individuals with the skill set to continually seek out opportunities for innovations and to make things happen through creative partnership. Based on the MOLI® framework, Alpha Plus developed Zeros-to-Heros®, a board game that is dramatically different from other board games.

Apart from the conventional lead generation scheme of offering the board game to school teachers at a special promotional rate, how do we develop an imposing presence in the education market?

Solution Offered:
Discipline Dynamics developed a sales proposition that created a unique positioning for the MOLI® framework to address the needs of the academic world. The board game was positioned as the world’s first board game on ‘Entrepreneurship’ and a potential platform to help schools develop enterprising students.

Organizing a forum to gather key principals and related business leaders, a platform was created to engage the school leaders in a discussion on current strategic academia issues, and subsequently leveraged this opportunity to educate them on the importance of teaching students about the entrepreneurial spirit.

Alpha Plus received excellent feedback from the principals and other attendees of the Principals Forum which included veteran business persons and corporate executives. The board game received rave reviews from personnel in both the education and corporate business markets.

Alpha Plus was able to close several significant sales deals in the academic arena and transformed itself from being seen as a mere product distributor by the academia to being their strategic training solutions partner.

As a result of this new positioning launched through the event, Alpha Plus generated new leads for follow up with potential pipeline opportunities ahead.