Over the last 2 decades, we have accumulated many best practices throughout our time working with clients. All these experiences have been distilled down into some of the following programs with which we continue to share with organisations and individuals alike through public programs and tools.


Designed for organizations who desire a leadership that is successful through people, sustainable and progressive in disruption. Our leadership development helps your people stay focused on purpose and people to achieve a collective goal.

With our proprietary FIREFLY model, we have partnered with leading private and public institution to craft leadership programs based on real life experience and application.

Open programs in leadership development are available at the academy. Learn and practice with your peers. Interactive and loaded with case studies, this program has helped professional stay adaptive and resilient at work. This 2 day program has been applied across the public and private sector.

Designing for your emerging leaders or senior leadership programme? Our client teams work with you to create a tailored solution unique to your organisation needs. Proven with success with clients like Samsung Mobile, Prudential Insurance and the Economic Development Board, talk to us to find out how we can tailor to meet your leadership goals.




We believe that business success is the result of open, highly functional relationships—within and among teams and between leaders and reports. Core Strengths® is the solution which helps organizations build effective teams and achieve their goals.

With a move towards hybrid working, we work with you to create respectful, high-performance cultures that leave room for individuals to be who they are while they achieve collective achievement, together.


Learning to manage stakeholders can open collaborative opportunities and reducing the transaction relationship. Understanding the journey of being intentional to nurture and systematically find common ground requires stamina.

Our courses are designed for sales  or business development professional having to manage their strategic customer relations. Consider our open programs for Key Account Management



If you want to inform, educate, motivate and persuade your audience, start with empathy and wear the lens of the audience. Our workshops, be it for leaders or sales professionals, emphasize the power of feedback.  Practising your presentation in sprints, we coach and guide you to incrementally improve your design and projection.  You will master the skills to  be convincing and engaging, be it onsite or online.



Finding common ground requires both a principled and relational approach. When we teach negotiation and collaboration, we focus on building bridges to enlarge the pie. Our methods focus on strategies and engagement methods to keep the dialogue open for negotiations.

Helping clients break deadlocks and diffuse conflicts, connect with us if you would like to know more about our programs, be it for negotiation or collaboration. Program can be tailored for both internal and external stakeholders



Leaders who learn how to coach and mentor others develop strong teams and enlarge their sphere of influence in their organization. Understanding the keys to effective coaching and mentoring also helps reduce the stress for the time-strapped leader on the go. The value of this practice also encourages ownership and discipline for the protege or executives who are being coached or mentored. 

Gather your senior leaders for our best-selling half day online workshop where you’re learnt the practical tools and skillset needed to make coaching an effective method to engage and motivate your team. Using case studies, your leaders immerse themselves into simulations where we will address routine performance challenges or that difficult conversation


Or speak to us to find out more about applying coaching skills for your work environment OR enquire about our executive or team coaching service.  All coaching principles are based on the Stakeholder Centric Coaching framework by Marshall Goldsmith.

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