IBF Accredited Program: Win-Win Practical Business Negotiation (with IBF Funding Subsidy)

SGD 320.00

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Learn and Master the Process of Negotiation.

A 2-day intensive online program that will help you develop a principled approach to effective negotiation in business. Learn how to prepare and skilfully navigate the process with tools and techniques to achieve your desired outcomes.

Program is applicable to participants from all industries, beyond financial institutions.

Pricing is ONLY for Singapore Citizens and PRs.For Foreigners, please refer to this link
Net amount after subsidy is also claimable via SkillsFuture Credit for Self-Sponsored Participants.

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Virtual (via Zoom)


Negotiation is a process where two or more parties with different needs and goals discuss an issue to find a mutually acceptable solution. In business, negotiation skills are important in both informal day-to-day interactions and formal transactions, at all levels and with both internal and external stakeholders.

This course provides the tools for effective negotiation and sales negotiation. Good negotiation skills will strengthen your business success whilst preserving your relationships. As the skills needed in negotiation may not be second nature to many, it is a teachable skill because it involves a technical and systematic approach to mastering it.

Course Objectives

• Develop a principled approach to negotiation that concedes to principles, not pressure in commercial negotiations.
• Establish the elements of negotiation preparation critical to support the negotiation goals of the organization.
• Apply the negotiation process, tools and techniques to assist in achieving the desired negotiation outcomes.
• Skilfully facilitate the negotiation discussions designed to maximize the zone for possible agreement between the parties.
• Track the negotiation progress with a method for recording the events for evaluation and documentation purposes.

Learning Outcomes

• Situationally able to think, plan, and apply negotiation techniques or tools to improve the multi-party discussions in an intentional manner.
• Constructive in responding in a calm and collected approach, instead of reacting, when differences or deadlock arises during the negotiations.
• Proactively track, record and review the progress of the negotiation to stay on course with the desired goals thus reducing risk of making wrong moves.
• Cultivate a climate of relationship building while working through the hard issues with the other party to arrive at a mutually agreeable outcome.

IBF Course Specifications

Skills Category: Business Development and Strategy Development
Skills/Competencies: Business Negotiation (Level 3)
Duration of Program: 2 Days (12.5 hours in total, including Assessment)

Program Agenda

Day 1:
• Developing a Collaborative Mindset
• Improving your Influence and Assertiveness
• Establishing Interpersonal Trust and Credibility
• Resolving Differences Strategically

Day 2:
• Establishing your Negotiation Process
• Exchanging Information to Repackage Options
• Prioritizing Value during Bargaining
• Settling the Agreement Accurately and Amicably


IBF-STS Funding

Q1. What is the IBF Standards Training Scheme?

The IBF Standards Training Scheme ("IBF-STS") provides course fee subsidies to eligible Company-Sponsored and Self-Sponsored Individuals who complete the training and assessment courses accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services. For full details of the scheme, please refer to the IBF website at this link.


Q2. What is the enhanced course fee Subsidy for the IBF Standards Training Scheme (“IBF- STS”) and who is eligible?


The fee subsidy for the course which is recognised under the IBF-STS are available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents is currently at 70% while Singapore Citizens aged above 40 years at time of course can still enjoy 90% funding.

Please refer to the IBF website for more detailed and up to date information at this link.

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents must be physically based in Singapore to be eligible for the enhanced course fee subsidies.

Self-Sponsored Individuals are eligible for the enhanced course fee subsidies, regardless if you are from a qualified financial institution or not.

Company-Sponsored Individuals are eligible for the enhanced course fee subsidies if the Company is a qualified financial institution (FSI). To confirm if your organisation qualifies, kindly refer to the following directories

SG Financial Institution Directory
SG FinTech Directory


To qualify for IBF-STS funding, all participants (from FI or non-FI) must successfully complete the IBF recognised course, including passing the assessment.

Please note that Self-Sponsored Individuals cannot reimburse back the course fee from their non-FSI Company.

Q3. Do I need to submit a claim to qualify for the enhanced course fee subsidy?

No application is required from you. You only need to pay the net fee. However, in order for us to accept your participation, we need copies of your NRIC (front & back) to validate your eligibility. Claims will be submitted by us after the program

Q4. Can I use my SkillsFuture Credit to offset the Course Fee?

Yes for Singapore Citizens. You need to submit your claim BEFORE the commencement of the workshop and send us the screen shot of your application for us to refund your payment, if you have already made payment.

Q5. Can a non-FSI Company sign up their staff for their course?

Non-FSI Companies can sign up their staff for the course, but the fee subsidies will not apply. They will be charged at full rates (ie S$1,600).

Similarly, the Program is also open to all foreigners from FIs in Singapore or their overseas offices, at the full rate of S$1,600 nett. They can sign up at this link.

Who should attend?

This Program is primarily targeted at: 

• For individuals, with at least 6 months working experience, who need to work with stakeholders to achieve the organization’s goals and interest.

• For experienced self-taught negotiators seeking a structured approach to improve one’s mastery of negotiations and to further refine one’s skills.

• For team leaders or managers who need tools and techniques to coach or guide his/her team to become proactive in supporting the negotiations process.

Regina Chua

Founder and Managing Partner, DD Consulting Pte Ltd,
Change Management Practitioner, PROSCITM,
Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith®
Certified Agile Practitioner
Author of “F.I.R.E.F.L.Y: How to build trust and credibility?”

Regina Chua has more than 30 years of international learning & organization development consulting combined with 15 years of corporate tech management experience in global MNC.

Her experience in the Financial and Banking sector focuses on helping clients build strong collaboration internally and externally through stakeholder management solutions. From delivering bespoke learning solutions for private banking, developing leadership and talent management program in the insurance sector to training negotiations and influence programs for consumer and corporate banks, her rich experience and tools have helped her clients achieve stronger relationships and results through intentional engagement strategies.

The Straits Times singled her out in the inaugural SME Spotlight coverage in 2009 for her enterprising corporate edge in the industry. Trailblazing further in 2015, Channel News Asia also covered her successful book launch on her proprietary systematic soft-skill consultative engagement framework, “FIREFLY – How to Build Trust and Credibility”. In 2016, she was awarded the prestigious Singapore Institute Management Awards, both the SIM Top Trainers of 2016 and SIM Client’s Vote for Corporate Trainer of 2016. Recently in 2020, her work with her clients were recognised by the industry as the Company won three coveted awards (Human Resources Vendor Of The Year) in sales, management training and employee engagement.

Regina holds both an MBA (Strategic Marketing) from the University of Hull and a BBA (NUS) and is currently a practicing executive coach and consultant for Agile Transformation in Digitalization.

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