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The ABCs of Collaborative Working Relationships (Part 2): Why is it just another catchphrase?

30 days in the hospital in January gave me insights to understand how a multi-disciplinary healthcare team work together. The surgeon who led my rare prognosis had a diverse team who worked together from day 1 and saw through the challenges with me. That was collaboration in action – everyone bringing their unique contribution towards a common goal with a rehab doctor to piece every one’s role together. Patient-centricity was a key success, but their ability to share information openly and collectively decide who did what & when, allowed the rehabilitation outcomes to succeed in record time! A success for all!

So why is collaboration not a catchphrase? 3 ideas to prove it’s not a catchphrase:

1.  Find out what drives you crazy

  • Seek to understand yourself and how you react to others.
  • What makes you tick and what triggers you negatively.
  • Self-awareness enables you to evaluate your response in team interactions.

2.  Make everyone feel important

  • Fervently build ideas around mutual intent and the value of collective intent.
  • Make sure everyone understand why we’re working together, not just the what.
  • Demonstrate with stories to show why conflicts are inevitable yet productive

3.  Create a space of trust

  • The joy of collaboration entails discovery — finding how everyone prefers to approach their work.
  • Take proactive steps to focus on the goal and de-personalize differences and personality differences
  • Create a meeting ambience that encourages share of voice.


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