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The ABCs of Collaborative Working Relationships (Part 1)

Developing and delivering the right message that conveys clarity and mutual understanding is what we need. When working in groups though, miscommunications hinder collaboration and erode trust. How to deliver the message spot on with your stakeholders?

#1  Nuance before you speak

Easier said than done, nuance and identify the bandwidth and motive of the other party. Listen well to understand not the what, but the why. Context will impact how the message is being heard. Build rapport and start with questions to hear the views of your stakeholders.


#2  Identify their motives

Meeting points are critical juncture for discussion, problem solving and decision making. Beyond the agenda intent, establish the latent needs or interest or the parties.  Motives are seldom visible as it’s an unexpressed interest driven by motivation or values.  Clarify the assumptions and premise with any position taken.


#3  Solicit input before asserting

Diversity energises ideas and promote ideations. When faced with a deadlock or divided views, seek out input while staying focused on the objectives. Know what matters and establish common ground or concerns. Effective communicator seek out value from different perspectives and leverage them for the greater good.