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What would Steve Jobs do? Ideas to Speak with Clarity

WHAT WOULD STEVE JOBS DO? Ideas To Speak With Clarity
the man behind the product

Ever sat in a presentation by Steve Jobs? To the untrained eye, Job’s public presentations seem simple and spontaneous. However, behind all that are weeks and weeks of preparation. From sound checks to demos to selecting material, the Apple team ensures the show runs smoothly. Clarity is not all about explaining and talking clearly, but a whole process to make your audience feel as if they were the ones who pitched the idea.

Clarity is a whole package that requires intense practice and complete knowledge of your product. Jobs was a perfectionist when it comes to unveiling his company’s new products, despite Apple garnering roughly the same amount of annual sales as Nike. Precision and clarity were the main goals of his presentations. Jobs elaborate sales pitch comes across as effortless execution on the day instead because of all the effort put in beforehand. If Jobs prepared weeks for his pitch, what’s your excuse?