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Technology can be Archaic: Why you must never use PowerPoint

Why You Must Never Use PowerPoint
Tried and Tested

Let’s face it. Ever since the invention of PowerPoint, it has become default for many presenters to utilize it. In fact, it has become refreshing not to walk into a presentation that uses PowerPoint! Take Gary Vaynerchuck for example. At an INBOUND marketing conference in 2012, the self-made entrepreneur captivated the audience in a 45-minute presentation that not once used a single PowerPoint slide and earned himself a standing ovation.

If that is not reason enough, a recent survey done by SlideRocket (an alternative to PowerPoint) indicated that at least one out of four would rather forego sex that sit through a presentation. Almost a fifth of the thousand adults polled would rather work on a Saturday. PowerPoint is used not only by entrepreneurs, but teachers as well. An estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made daily, with more than 500 million users worldwide.

With all that in mind, is it any wonder why PowerPoint has become a tried and tested presentation tool?