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One Size Fits All: Tips to Attract and Create Interest to your Pitch

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Tips To Create And Attract Interest To Your Pitch
dress to impress

It should go without saying that within the first 20 seconds of meeting a person for the first time, an impression is formed merely from your attire. The next 20 seconds would be based on your body language. In total, 40 seconds does not give you much room to spew out content, does it?

As the pitch presenter, you have to look better than everyone else in the room as you are the person with something to prove. Add a little quirk to your attire only if necessary to your pitch – it may work in your favour as the visual presentation of yourself might help your audience connect the image of you to your product.

For most entrepreneurs, especially young ones, selling an idea is tough enough as it is. Dressing like a leader gives you complete control over one aspect of your pitch, and helps you start off on the right foot.