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How Not To Mess Up On Your Persuasions

Ahead of the Curve: How Not To Mess Up On Your Persuasions
promise to prepare

As a presenter, the worst thing that you can do is wait until the eleventh hour to get down to creating your persuasions. You need time for two fundamental things: creating your persuasion and rehearsing it time and again. Do not wait until the last minute to create your persuasion; underdeveloped persuasions reflect underdeveloped ideas!

What is the point of having great ideas but is unable to articulate them effectively? By rehearsing, we do not mean creating elaborate cue cards to read off. Using PowerPoint? Memorize your slides to avoid the perpetual action of turning around! Using vision boards? Know where to point to when making an emphasis!

More often than not, these meetings took some time to set up. Do not waste your audience’s time, put serious preparation and effort into your persuasion, and you would gain the respect of your audience.