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Handling the Disbelieving Audience

“Who told you that?”:  Handling the Disbelieving Audience
the first attempt

Imagine you’ve lucked out and have secured an obviously hostile and disagreeable audience. Instead of going into defence mode and reiterating your main points over again (you cannot convince others by justifying yourself), first try using humour to lighten the tension in the room. This would be your first attempt to disarm them.

However, this does not always work. It is then vital to work doubly hard to gain their trust and respect. This can be done by pausing for a minute and rethink your persuasion points before framing your basic principles and proposals into an area of agreement or at least an area of negotiation.

You also must have prepared, in anticipation, evidence to solidify your stance against their potential gripes. Be confident in challenging them and showing that they may have incomplete evidence, unlike you.