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Back to Basics: How to persuade without PowerPoint

Back to Basics: How to persuade without PowerPoint
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With the advent of PowerPoint, many have resorted to using the software that has gradually diluted our ability to persuade without “slides” and “bullet points”. Yet, when technology fails (as it is apt to do), how many of us can actually rise to the occasion and persuade without PowerPoint?

The top three things you can do to sustain the attention of your audience without the use of PowerPoint are:
1. Using diagrams and charts – not complex and busy-looking diagrams; they should be clarifying concepts for your audience,
2. Using real-life and personal anecdotes as examples – everyone loves a good story,
3. Interact with your audience by peppering your persuasion with questions posed not only to find out what their concerns are, but to keep their mind jogging as your persuasion goes on.