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Staying on Course Despite All

Staying on course despite all

Many times the original plans that were scheduled are often affected by the unpredictable circumstances surrounding the environment. Inevitably, customers resist and hold purchases with such uncertainties and you’re probably stalled for more sales and results!

While it is tough to push a hard sales when customers hold the pause button, it is necessary to stay in touch with the customer to understand that ‘D4change of heart’ that has just occurred in the organization. Engage in more dialogue with your customer to understand the reasons surrounding the postponed decisions and the probable change in budget, purchase process and the criteria for evaluation. Most importantly, make it a point to read and understand about your client’s business from the internet, business journals and newspapers to understand the pressures of their organization.

When you are in synch with the happenings in your client’s world, you will be able to forecast your pipeline better because you see his needs and challenges. Seize the opportunity to understand how you market your products and services currently and analyse if there are gaps in the value proposition. You have to change and steer towards the changes of the marketplace.