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Are you marketing effectively?

Are you marketing effectively?

Many times, marketers are so overloaded with projects it becomes a sweat shop that specializes in printing collateral, updating sales presentations and organizing customer events or press conferences. Have you taken time to check how effective your marketing activities are?

What worked in the past is likely to work again because the competition catches up really quickly nowadays. Media clutter and brand proliferation is a great challenge faced by companies in affluent markets. Hence it is probably good to do a review of all the marketing activities over the last quarter and delete projects which are less than effective.

Staying focused, identifying and prioritizing market segments are ways to improve the productivity of marketing funds. Integrating your marketing communications materials is not about sharing the same graphics and taglines.

Ensure that your marketing conveys a single and focused message about the value proposition to the marketplace. Strive to run programs that move the customers from awareness to action.