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Using Non-Verbal Communication in Negotiation

Using Non-Verbal Communication In Negotiation Non Verbal 101

It is proven that more than half of our communication is non-verbal. Contrary to popular belief, non-verbal communication is not mainly based in body language. The kinds of non-verbal communication that most commonly affect negotiations are body language, the physical environment and personal attributes. Being aware of these different forms better equip you when you enter a negotiation, as it would give you a competitive edge.

Most negotiators are usually unaware that they are throwing out involuntary non-verbal cues. Receivers of your involuntary cues judge these through gut reactions, and these gut reactions are subconscious as well. You may be actively present in the negotiation, but there are these silent non-verbal mechanisms at play that may be influencing not only your but the other party’s way of carrying out the negotiation.