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Strengthen your Negotiating Bargaining Power

Innovate or Manipulate

It is important to note that your BATNA is not something that is fixed from the get-go. You can control how it changes, develops or both over time. Even better for you if your negotiating partner can see how your BATNA is improving and therefore be aware of the stronger position you are in. This means creating a false perception of your BATNA for the other party. Though not always ethical, the point is that the perception of your BATNA can be invaluable in a negotiation.

Also, look to other aspects of the negotiation where you can create some leverage, such as the relationship both parties have. Seeking to keep a good relationship or proving that your services may not just be a one-time event can create a vested interest. Hence, build some trust and mutual need. Negotiate where both of you would need each other.