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Share information without regret in Negotiation

This is How You Begin

Begin by recognizing the type of negotiation and asking questions regarding the information you already have at your dispense. For distributive negotiating situations, parties are less forthcoming with information than in integrative negotiations where both parties work together for desired outcomes. Research has shown that failing to reach a resolution in integrative negotiations usually boils down to the failure of sharing information.

You have to be objective when asking yourselves questions about your information. What information is critical to this negotiation? What is the best way to share the information I want to with the other party? What might they be hiding from me?

In their book Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes by R.L Pinkley, T.L Griffith and G.B Northcraft, they found out that negotiators who are aware of each other’s alternatives to a negotiated agreement were more likely to make their resistance points less extreme, improve negotiating trade-offs and increase the size of the resource pie compared with situations in which one or both negotiators were not aware of the alternatives.