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Making the most of your Negotiation Concessions

Dangling the Carrot

Most negotiators will tell you to never make a concession without asking for or gaining something in return. This move can be boiled down to three main reasons: you could get something in exchange, it prevents people from taking advantage of you in later times and last but not least, the value of what you are trading off has risen.

Without asking for something in return, you will never get anything. The small act of merely asking “What can you do for me if I do this for you?” opens up the possibility of getting something in exchange. Moreover, by asking for an exchange, you deter people from perpetually coming back to you for favors over and over again. You are a negotiator, not a pushover. When you ask for something in return, whatever service you are providing automatically becomes valuable- there is now reason for the other party to offer whatever valuable service they have to you. This also helps in value-creation in negotiation; you are creating opportunities to trade-off.

What you gain depends heavily on how you prepare. The bulk of your preparation lies in what you will ask for in return of the service you are providing. Aim for creating a win-win trade-off each time.