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How to Take Control of Emotions during a Negotiation

STAY CALM AND CONFIDENT DESPITE THE HEAT:How To Take Control of Your Emotions During A Negotiation?
the basics

While there are negotiators who walk into a meeting room and get rewed up from a belligerent atmosphere, we all know by now that win-win negotiations are the optimum in this field. Knowing how to take an active stance in controlling your emotions is therefore part of the process of a smooth-flowing negotiation.

“Remaining calm” is easy to say but often difficult to put into practice. As long as you have this mantra at the back of your mind, you are able to pause and allow yourself back into objectivity once you sense a change of something going wrong in the negotiation.

With that said, pause and take a deep breath before diving back into the negotiation. Advocate for a short break for both parties. Until you have thought through what you wanted to say with a correct mind-set, do not make deals or form a decision on the spot especially in the middle of a heated discussion. The tendency to retaliate is human but this must be avoided. When you incur an emotion, try validating its purpose.