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Cross-Cultural Negotiation – Where to start?

WHEN IN ROME: Negotiating Cross – Culturally when in Rome, don’t act as Romans do

We all know that negotiating cross-culturally is not only intimidating, but challenging as well. There is far less material to be found on what you should do when faced with negotiating with someone from another culture. In other words, we all know why cross-cultural negotiations are tough; little is known as to how to overcome this.

A quick fixer, as many a theorists would propound, would be “When in Rome, act as Romans do”. But often, this works against most people. You are not the only one modifying your approach; it is highly likely that the other party is changing his approach so as to cater to you as well. The end result can prove to be disastrous, with both of you attempting to act appropriately but not really understanding what the other party is doing. While there may be a chance that you can modify your approach successfully and effectively, the fact is that most of the time it leads to more confusion.