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Communication: what goes on in every negotiation

Know the method, know the game

If you think about it, negotiation is nothing but communication. You have something I want, I have something you want, so let’s talk about it. Common sense will tell you the factors of effective communication: body language, vocabulary, delivery and structure of message. There are three distinct stages of communication during a negotiation-beginning, middle and end. By being aware of communication flaws at each stage, you will be able to avoid them.

The beginning stage of a negotiation is the “sizing up” stage. Here, the other party form their opinions and biasness of you and/or your team, just as you do them. Introductions are made, titles are exchanged, perceptions formed. Communication durng the beginning stages of communication rarely poses problems, unless preconceived notion exist prior to the introductions. For example, if the party you are dealing with holds a good reputation with you, you might expect a favourable outcome. Also, if you had not done your homework well enough, you may think that you share common qualities or goals, but in reality, it may not be the case at all.