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Collaborative vs Competitive Negotiation

Collaborative Versus Competitive
When Cs Collide

When a competitor and a collaborator negotiates, the collaborator more often than not winds up becoming competitive as well because of the competitor’s persistence. When competitors negotiate with competitors, the negotiation has a high potential of becoming hostile as both parties aggressively pursue their goals. On the other hand, when collaborators negotiate, they retain an open and civil relationship while actively pursuing their goals.

It does not take long to guess which style results in optimal outcomes. Research has proven it is collaboration. But while you may know this, those with whom you negotiate with might not. Moreover, the competitive strategy is still of worth and is useful to know in order to come up with counter arguments, and if your goals are short term. Styles of negotiating need to vary according to the circumstances and the people involved. Most negotiations will be a mixture of the collaborative and competitive approaches.