Results Through Relationships

Results Through Relationships

December 27, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Core Strengths



Deliver Results Through Relationships: Leverage your team’s diverse strengths and cultivate a collaborative culture that meets mutual goals
Not lecturing but experiencing

Results Through Relationships: Learn how to create team synergy that makes working better together to achieve mutual goals.

It’s a big promise, but we mean it — and we have almost 50 years of results to back it. Those results include 3 million people across thousands of organizations who work with more purpose, satisfaction and success because of Core Strengths tools.

Not theory but mindset change

Core Strengths is a tool that we as OD consultants have applied in our success stories for organization transformation and leadership development with our private clientele. Our managers are excited by what they learn and are eager to use the tools and resources.

For the first time in Singapore, we are exclusively launching this public workshop.

Not activity but outcome based

The improvement in working relationships and communication has led to increased accountability, collaboration and innovation. As a result, our in-house sessions have constantly been received with impressive feedback, with entire divisions asking for sessions dedicated exclusively to their teams.

What you will walk away with:
Assess talent

The assessments in our platform give people a common language that promotes understanding and improves communication. We identify people’s strengths and the underlying motives that drive them. This awareness leads to a culture of inclusion and collaboration.

Apply relationship intelligence

The ability to see the world as someone else does is vital. Our talent effectiveness platform enhances this perspective and provides specific language suggestions for the in-the-moment conversations, emails, texts and meetings, where relationships grow, problems are solved, and progress gets made.

What you’ll learn in 1 Day

In this action-oriented workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  1. Develop the skill of collaborative communication.
  2. Build stronger commitments and responsibility between people.
  3. Increase your ability to engage in productive opposition and better decision making.
  4. Understand accept and have appreciation of relationship intelligence.
  5. Gain personal authenticity.
  6. Increase personal accountability for producing results through relationships.
How you’ll learn

The Results Through Relationship workshop helps you transform powerful new concepts into swift, effective action by learning how to:

  1. Productive Meetings – Assess Motives: we need to be clear about the results we want, as well as to understand how to productively handle opposition and conflict.
  2. Partnering For Collaboration – Bring the Right Strength: since it is all about using the right tool for the job – we need to deploy the right strengths (behaviors) while managing our weaknesses (overdone strengths) to give maximum effort.
  3. Building Trust Conversations – Communicate in the Right Style: we need to leverage the power of a common collaborative language to communicate in a way that other people can understand
Key takeaway

You’ll leave the session with the knowledge and skills critical for addressing your highest-stakes workplace situations — including an action plan tailored to a specific situation you’re facing. Your plan will detail:

    • Assessing what’s really happening beneath the interpersonal surface and how to clearly understand everyone’s motive-driven behavior.
    • What strengths you need to deploy with your team to create the best possible outcomes.
    • How to communicate with your stakeholders in their language to productively achieve your goals.

Results Through Relationship with Core Strengths™ deliver a huge payoff — translating into maximum ROI.

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