Teambuilding: Building authentic professional relationships of performing teams


How do you persuade someone to do something? Do you rely on your authority over them?  The approach can be tempting, but they’re not always the most effective means of influence. In a defining 1998 article in the Harvard Business Review titled “The Necessary Art of Influence,” Jay Conger, an Organisational Behaviour professor, presented a very different view of influence.  FIREFLY© is aligned with his findings that to be influential, you must provide four critical elements in two domain:

  1. Credibility          2.   Common Ground          3.   Vivid Evidence        4.   Emotional Connection

Influence isn’t about trying to convince someone to agree with you. It’s about getting to shared understanding and agreement. From there you work together to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Managers need to be good influencers. They need to accomplish objectives through people. If they use influence effectively, they will lead employees and colleagues to want to reach a shared solution.

Likewise, in any situation where you need to influence someone to work with you or you want to promote your idea, if you badger them and sell excessively, you’ll only create resentment.  FIREFLY© shows that establishing mutual understanding is what leads to an agreement; One that is negotiated not forced.

Note: Curriculum shall have a heavy emphasis on practice, coaching and peer feedback.


  1. Effective communication skills (written and verbal)
  2. Proactive assertive techniques/tactics to generate better resilience at work
  3. Relationship building techniques to build rapport and establish common ground
  4. Emotional management tools to improve one’s EQ with different personalities


Equip participants with the following:

  1. Apply strategies to positively engage and handle their stakeholders in any circumstances
  2. Communicate with positive influencing and negotiation techniques
  3. Establish more trust in relationships and people
  4. Managing expectations and emotions
  5. Adjust and adapt to different scenarios and personalities accordingly

2020 Workshop Dates:

Singapore: 10 & 11 February 2020, 9am to 5pm

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