Negotiation Dialogue: Keeping the power, preserving the relationship


Seasoned negotiators seek to build an arena of exploration and discovery, before advancing the negotiation dialogue to enlarge the pie of possible outcomes. Creating viable options appealing to both parties during an intense negotiation, requires a patient process of consultative dialogue, while still keeping the relationship by being diplomatic yet firm.

Knowing the common blind spots and learning to overcome bad behaviour tactics in the negotiation process will then improve your outcome.

Note: Curriculum shall have a heavy emphasis on practice, coaching and peer feedback.


  1. Participants will learn to be intentional in their thinking approach, and structured in seeking dialogue to achieve better decisions and options during any negotiation process.
  2. Through leveraging a conversation tactfully and balancing between pitching and probing, trust can be established, especially when negotiating in unfavourable conditions.
  3. Minimise errors in giving in or giving up too rapid, and increases the probability of generating a mutually acceptable outcome for all parties.


Equip participants with the following:

  1. Understand key factors in the preparation dialogue of a negotiation goal
  2. Identify critical phases in a negotiation journey before bargaining
  3. Address challenging and unreasonable behaviours or tactics
  4. Diplomatically use probing skills to uncover hidden agendas
  5. Anticipate possible outcomes and respond appropriately
  6. Identify conflict techniques to strengthen decision making options

 2020 Workshop Dates:

Singapore: 1 & 2 June 2020, 9am to 5pm

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