Key Account Selling: Strategic Planning & Opportunities Identification


Top accounts come with a double edged sword – while they contribute a sizeable portion to your company’s bottom-line, they become the target of competition that constantly tempt them with better offering and price discounts.

Collaborative teams with a clear vision are in a stronger position to spot new opportunities and expand their accounts with profitable and value-led offerings the customers want.

As such, the initial step in aligning your account team’s efforts is to create a consistent account methodology to size up your knowledge of every key account. This is different from the monthly sales management reports that monitors the progress of ongoing opportunities in the sales pipeline.

Note: Curriculum shall have a heavy emphasis on practice, coaching and peer feedback.


  1. Create a paradigm shift to handle key accounts from a customer-centric view and provide systems to understand the complexities of your account dynamics and its business
  2. Constructively analyse account potential relative to its business attractiveness vs. its potential, the competitive background you’re positioning relative to your competitors
  3. Craft a value proposition that can address the needs of customers and become a competitive defensive strategy concurrently
  4. Consider competitive and growth strategies to nurture your key account

Tools and template to follow through to assess ongoing performance


Equip participants with the following:

  1. Uncover different approaches to view a key account beyond revenue and margin
  2. Learn new concepts about drill-down key account analysis and intelligence
  3. Practise and try out templates and relate them to their current business scenarios
  4. Apply and adapt the model when they return to their workplace

 2020 Workshop Dates:

Singapore: 6 & 7 April 2020, 9am to 5pm

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