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Create a participative space where everyone can contribute value

Collaborative leaders understand that allowing everyone to weigh in and contribute their ideas can result in better solutions. While collaborative leaders have many good ideas and opinions of their own, they realize that their solo perspective is incomplete.

They also know that imposing a direction or sharing pre-formed solutions can rob others of engagement and ownership. Leaders who actively collaborate recognize that when they are less prescriptive and more inclusive, the team and organization are better served.


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In 2021, we re-designed our FIREFLY framework to reinforce that perservering above the climate of unpredictability is crucial to achieving results

In a changing world where leaders struggle to figure out the way forward, we help you focus on people engagement and collaboration because it is a perennial driver for growth, during a pandemic or otherwise.

Your goals are unique and that’s why our approach is always customised. We will work closely with you – sometimes even challenging you - to identify and meet the specific objectives you need to achieve.

We create and entrench change that is sustainable. That’s why our work starts before the engagement and continues afterwards; so you reap the benefits of your people’s lasting transformation.

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Empower your People with Tools and Solutions Tailored to your Context

We put people at the centre of our work, and that starts with you. We are agile and adaptable to your needs, and will work with you to identify and articulate the unique set of solutions to drive people performance and business growth.

Our firefly framework
Best-in-Class Programs. Curated from our 2 Decades of Experience.

Curated from over 2 decades of consulting work, we developed these Best-in-Class Programs which have been tried and tested with our Clients. Now available to you.

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Bringing our Help Closer to You.
Face to Face or Online

We can assist you in sourcing online material that’s relevant to your business and offer purchase options for consultations, coaching, or even training by the hour. Featured topics will include those found on the 90-minute skill sessions.

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Why Us?

Developing a Leader wherever they are planted

Asia Track Record

With more than 60 tailored leadership programs delivered with coaching success

2 Decades of Experience

of assisting behavioural change and adaptivity for performance has been the heart of what we do.

Immersive and Interactive

Online or onsite, our workshops, team or executive coaching, learners discover insights and aha moments every time!

Flexible and Modular

You decide what you want and where to focus, we will tailor a design to address your priorities.


Published at: 14-09-2021