About Us
About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Across the business world, whether you are an owner, employee, customer or vendor, we built business communities
where different stakeholders can succeed together through mutual understanding and develop trust to achieve their goals.
We empower corporations with the right disciplines to harness the market dynamics.

Hence we are the catalyst of positive change in the corporate workplace bringing answers and better solutions
to unleash and tap the potential of people. We want professionals to turn routine into richness,
add value and enjoy going to work everyday. We help create meaning for all the tired souls at work.

We help to build an environment where people and organizations can thrive together,
with beliefs, values and mutual understanding so that enable people can work together
to prosper and maximize their potential at work.

Our Mission

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom.
Yet with all thy getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

T.S. Eliot posed the question: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”
In a day and age where information and knowledge is bursting at the seams, we need wisdom. We need understanding. 
And at work, understanding can create the competitive edge to win and keep customers for life.

At Dialogue Dynamics, our mission is to help organizations sharpen their skills, to understand and deliver
the right needs to their customers and stakeholders.

We seek to empower the minds and the hearts of their people by providing business consulting and training solutions
that can empower corporations to connect and distill the echoes of the customer’s pains and needs.

Our focus is to help our customers:

Understand the needs of their clients deeply so that we can design and develop practical solutions to address the reality of their pains.
By providing insightful perspective about their business scenarios and provide recommendations to achieve their goals. 
Improve the inter-personal engagement between our clients and their stakeholders, internal or external. 
Develop sustaining relationship with their customers through effective marketing, sales and business planning.

Our Client Philosophy

How We Work with Our Clients

Agile and Adaptable.
And Always Engaging You.

No, we’re not a global giant with a massive foot print.

We’re actually more than that. We're agile and adaptable. We constantly scan the market and keep in touch with our clients. Our client philiosophy is based on a consultative engagement approach, connecting our purpose for our existence.

We work on the human elements of thinking and behaving, as individuals, teams, organization or a leader. And we create ideas to help people become better and to be able to thrive at work.

If there is one thing that our clients like about us, its probably boils down to this - we simplify things. In this complex world we live in, we can certainly help. And here are some areas we work hard on:

Unite and align people with clarity
Creating Organization Development enterprise strategies to corporately unite key stakeholders to align and achieve critical consensus towards a common vision.

Create seriously meaningful meetings
Provide process facilitation for meetings and transform them into a platform for collaboration, open dialogue and effective decision making.

Teach relevant tools for results
Designing training solutions to address real issues in a safe learning environment complete with simulations from the workplace and a sustainable follow-through to the workplace.

Unleash people potential for progress
Provide Executive Coaching or Team Coaching to help strategic leaders or teams to accelerate their performance so that they can provide a transformational influence to the rest of the organization.

D D Consulting

Our Awards

Human Resources.net
HR Vendors of the Year

Best Sales Training Provider - SILVER
Best Employment Engagement - BRONZE
Best Management Training - FINALIST

SIM Most Popular Trainer in 2016

Voted the Most Popular Trainer at SIM in 2016 which was the last year for the awards. Ms Regina Chua is still the Principal Trainer at SIM Professional Development Executive Program for the last 10 years for both Effective and Advanced Negotiation Programs.

The Team

The Management Team

Peter Yeo

Managing Director
Peter has more than 35 years of consulting and veteran corporate international management experience across Asia Pacific. Valued by our clients for turning data into insights, he has a diverse portfolio of industry knowhow and best practices spanning from finance, consumer retail and operations management.

With segments covering white goods, pharmaceuticals, distribution and logistics specializing in retail and customer operations, process management and communications, he brings a broad experience from large multinational corporations, along with global benchmarks and direct Asia experiences that has earned his credibility and trust as a consultant with solid business acumen and field knowledge.

Regina Chua

Principal Consultant and Managing Partner

Regina Chua is a recognized process consultant in adaptive leadership through team engagement and intentional collaboration. She is a sought after advisor to both private and public institutions for bespoke projects in organization transformation and people development.  She is the author of FIREFLY, Consultative Engagement and a seasoned executive coach and Agile consultant.


Through her consultation, Regina’s mission is to help create leadership teams and organizations that are connected, curious and collaborative, that honours the design and dignity of work. She achieves this by helping leadership reframe their mindset, cultivate a psychologically safe space for teams to address and resolve challenges together. For more than 32 years, Regina has consulted, taught, facilitated, coached and spoken with organizations on how to negotiate and create mutuality.


Janice Nua

Client Service Manager

Janice Nua, with over 20 years in customer service, sales and marketing, has a passionate belief that people are the key to success in any organisation.

Her work experience covers a diverse portfolio of industries spanning from trading, logistics, and manufacturing and serviced/virtual offices operational management. Holding senior management positions and specialising in international sales and business development, she has set up international operations, designed systems & operational turnkey solutions and pioneered customer service standards.

Her ability to toggle between operations and sales, as well as expand distribution channels with international corporations such as Expeditors, Servcorp and Nitti has given her a strong business acumen for business development.


Across Asia. Across Industries.

Just as Singapore is the hub of Asia, our clientele don't just come from South East Asia but from as far away as China and India. Culled over the last 2 decades, our in-depth experience cuts across many sectors including healthcare, banking and insurance, real estate, energy, technology and telco. We are also very much Involved with the local public sector, working with many government agencies on various transformational projects. The following are just some of our major clientele we have worked with and still continue to work with today.

Boehringer Ingelheim logo, a client of DD Consulting
Our Partners

Bringing More Value to Our Work 

We believe that you’re only as good as the company you keep. Over the years we have developed trusted partnerships with organisations who reflect our culture and values and, together, help to make a difference to organisational performance and improve people’s working lives.


High-performing teams are built or broken by one thing - Relationships.

The ROI of Relationship Intelligence (RQ).

After decades of research, the science is clear. Teams with Relationship Intelligence (RQ) build trust faster and outperform the rest.

Organizations with high Relationship Intelligence know how to build indestructible teams. They embrace diversity, navigate conflict, and power through obstacles with smarter decisions. Without RQ, teams default to turf wars, master the blame game, and implode under pressure.

Every interaction matters!

How do you transform a team culture? One interaction at a time. It’s in the daily conversations, the last-minute virtual meetings, and the impromptu DMs where trust is strengthened or strained. Core Strengths prepares teams to master the moment so opportunity doesn’t fall by the wayside.


How do we use this tool?

We generally recommend this as a baseline in most of our bespoke programs for all teams who work together, to understand each other. It is also a great tool for our team building programs as well.