Success Stories

Success Stories

Purple Sage 
Sales Performance Coaching Achieved Stellar Sales Growth During Market Downtown for Purple Sage

Purple Sage offers a sophisticated catering service that satisfies the needs of the modern and discerning consumer. After just three years of starting the business, Purple Sage became one of the most well known, often quoted in the media, local catering service providers.

However, stiff price competition prompted the company to re-look their sales strategy, engaging a sales performance coach who moulded the sales team to be confident high-powered salespeople.

2004 was a year of economic doldrums for Singapore. Companies had tight budgets and unemployment was at its highest. Price slashing became a common sight in the catering industry. To add to that many new catering set-ups entered the market, which stiffened the competition further.

Being a lean organisation, Purple Sage felt that it was not in their interest to wage a price war to outlast the competitive arena. Recognising that it was a tough market, Purple Sage instead took the opportunity to invest in training and develop a sales team that was capable and confident to focus on higher value selling instead of price-cutting.

The key challenge was to shift the selling paradigm of the sales force to become a confident high powered seller and differentiate itself from the rest, especially in such a competitive environment.

Solution Offered:
Before designing the training solution, Discipline Dynamics joined the sales team on their sales calls to understand their customers and the challenges of selling to a price-sensitive market. We also worked closely with Tony to understand the resources available and the constraints of a young company.

We then proceeded to develop a customer-centric sales workshop program to refresh and refocus the team about selling based on asking questions, managing objections and listening actively, to address the needs of the customer.

To ensure the effective transfer and application of the training, we continued our training consultancy by providing fortnightly follow-up training sessions for the sales force. The goal was to track and consolidate feedback from the application of the learning from the workshop.

In addition, we attended and facilitated sales management meetings to ensure that the ongoing training sessions comprised relevant topics crucial to closing the sale.

In three months, Purple Sage’s sales team had become confident in welcoming objections and dealing with higher-value selling. Visible results included the closing of large-sale contracts and the growing confidence to manage and even up-sell to difficult clients.

By the end of 2004, Purple Sage had achieved a record breaking year in sales since its inception, in spite of the challenges of a tough economy and an on-going price war within the catering industry.

Beyond Beauty International 
Customer Service and Consultative Engagement Selling Transforming Customer Experience at Beyond Beauty International

Beyond Beauty International, a beauty and total wellness centre for the modern women, implemented our customized contextual-based customer service program which led to the development of a consultative engagement sales process that focuses on the customer needs rather than just making the sale.

Beyond Beauty International’s core competence is in body slimming, face care and spa for modern women with two outlets each in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

They use the latest technology in meeting their customers’ needs and offer professional customer service with a personal touch.

Tight competition prompted the management to look for a competitive edge over their contenders through providing an exceptional level of personalized customer service.

Solution Offered:
Discipline Dynamics developed a tailor-made Customer Service and Consultative Engagement Sales solution that immediately delivered results, creating happier customers through their warmer and more personalized customer service delivery.

The on-site training sessions were filmed, giving participants a real perspective of their customers’ experience when engaging with each staff.

“The interactive training got our consultants to pin down different details that lead to customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. They got to question and clear their doubts on effective customer service on-the-spot,” said Joanne, Operations Manager

After the training, the consultants became more sensitive to their customers’ reactions and focused on service delivery that satisfied their customers. Immediate applications were made by each consultant that made their customers feel personally taken care of.

“In fact, after the training session, our staff immediately began to build rapport with their customers, making them feel important and cared for. When a customer now enters our outlet, everybody stands up to greet her.”

Customer loyalty is maintained as the consultants engage in a two-way conversation with their customers. Using our proprietary sales and service system – O.P.A™ – they learnt to probe their customers’ needs to start a process of building a long term relationship with each of them.

Consultants learnt not to over-promise and have become more confident to handle complaints and refund cases using our proprietary P.R.O.B.E© and P.U.S.H© techniques. Their front desk executives now make a deliberate effort to inform their customers of the precise waiting time before their treatment begins, especially during peak hours.

When customers are unhappy, consultants use our proprietary L.E.S.A© Anger Control tool to look into the customer’s grievance.

“Incorporating what we learnt from the training sessions into our outlet, our customers seem happier with Beyond Beauty’s warm approach.”

Alpha Plus Training Consultants 
Business Performance Coaching Creates Breakthrough into Education Market for Alpha Plus Training Consultants

Alpha Plus Training Consultants, a revolutionary in entrepreneurship & innovation programs, engaged a new sales proposition to reach their target market that transformed them from being a traditional product distributor to a strategic training solutions partner with the academia.

Alpha Plus Training Consultants are committed to cultivating the enterprising spirit in every individual in the global marketplace. They carved a niche for themselves in providing innovation & entrepreneurship consulting & training solutions.

Their core competence is in intellectual property development. MOLI® – their proprietary framework – serves as a blueprint for personal and professional success. This framework inculcates the enterprising mindset and equips individuals with the skill set to continually seek out opportunities for innovations and to make things happen through creative partnership. Based on the MOLI® framework, Alpha Plus developed Zeros-to-Heros®, a board game that is dramatically different from other board games.

Apart from the conventional lead generation scheme of offering the board game to school teachers at a special promotional rate, how do we develop an imposing presence in the education market?

Solution Offered:
Discipline Dynamics developed a sales proposition that created a unique positioning for the MOLI® framework to address the needs of the academic world. The board game was positioned as the world’s first board game on ‘Entrepreneurship’ and a potential platform to help schools develop enterprising students.

Organizing a forum to gather key principals and related business leaders, a platform was created to engage the school leaders in a discussion on current strategic academia issues, and subsequently leveraged this opportunity to educate them on the importance of teaching students about the entrepreneurial spirit.

Alpha Plus received excellent feedback from the principals and other attendees of the Principals Forum which included veteran business persons and corporate executives. The board game received rave reviews from personnel in both the education and corporate business markets.

Alpha Plus was able to close several significant sales deals in the academic arena and transformed itself from being seen as a mere product distributor by the academia to being their strategic training solutions partner.

As a result of this new positioning launched through the event, Alpha Plus generated new leads for follow up with potential pipeline opportunities ahead.